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Just live life, don’t live out of life

Just live life, don’t live out of life

Live life to the fullest.

This board note of a popular pizza restaurant was a good reminder to live life to the fullest.

Meaning you have to give it all, enjoy every moment while it last, have the passion and courage to do what really makes you happy, but always do it with an honest and genuine heart. That’s I think the most needed ingredients in life for you to live the life you ever wanted.

I took this photo because it got something to tell, for the restaurant it’s all about their food or pizza recipes, it deals on how they bake and cook, regarding their ingredients and their mission or vision, maybe.

Before the pandemic, countless customers really prefer to dine here. Not just because the food taste good, but also because the ambiance and crews are also good. Their menu list consists of pastas like spaghetti and carbonara, varieties of drinks to choose from, quick meals like chicken and rice, delightful desserts and of course their popular pizza recipes.

This pizza contains cheese, ham and pineapple tidbits. It really tastes delicious, from the pizza bread to the toppings.

It is compatible with fresh coconut milkshake that hubby bought at the nearby food stall. It’s also a refreshing and a healthier option to pair with your snack compared to sodas.

We also tried this chiffon roll of a Chinese bakeshop. It has peanut butter at the center and flavored with pandan. We ate this at home and what I did was to put more peanut butter on it. It has an option to put your favorite glazed toppings as the cake isn’t too sweet, but if you don’t like additional sweetness it’s alright, this chiffon roll already taste delicious as it is.

The ultimate recipe of life exists within things that oftentimes we neglect to appreciate.

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