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What does it mean when we say life begins after coffee?

What does it mean when we say life begins after coffee?

Coffee is a morning beverage, and sometimes consumed as well in the afternoon for most coffee lovers! A cup of coffee in the morning makes us feel energized and active with the activities that we are about to do or perform. It also makes us feel refreshed and alert. This may be the reason why they said that life begins after coffee.

Meaning of life begins after coffee.
Image credit to: Photo library provided by Pexels.

In real life, โ€œlife begins after coffeeโ€ means that life starts when we have the consciousness for the things that are important in life.

Life begins if we live consciously. It means that we are taking control of our life, the way we think, decide, and whether we are living the life that we wanted. Consciousness is a spectrum of our self-awareness. If we restrict ourselves to reach these perspectives, it may cause us to experience distraction, boredom, and indecisiveness in life. It makes us irritated, and unproductive as well. It causes us to limit ourselves for what we can do.

Consciousness is about our life’s choices when we know how to thrive, and move on. We know when to start and where we should go. We know how to handle failures and how to celebrate victory. Furthermore, we accept ourselves for who we are, and for who we are not. It also helps us to change ourselves and organize our thoughts and actions for what is good.

When we are conscious or aware of our actions, purpose, dreams, and values in life, that’s where life begins!

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