10 tips on good parenting and raising a child effectively

Parenting is the process of raising a child in a way that can promote and support the aspects of a child’s life like: physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development from infancy to adulthood. It involves a lot of consistency and routine, which can give children a sense of control, belongingness and achievements.

We have different parenting styles as parents and sometimes what we like is not what is meant. It is not an easy road for us, but we need to show them the right way.

Good parenting focuses on developing a child which can benefit him/her in daily life basis and in the future. Bad parenting on the other hand, will bring a child in an opposite side of life that could lead to behavioral attitudes, negative and criminal behaviors.

Try these parenting tips:

1. Be your child’s role model. What they see, they will imitate. Show them good behavior, because their greatest influential and role models are no other than you, “their parents”. How they act and behave will show up on how you raise them.

2. Set limits and be consistent. Let them follow your rules (ex. finish your homework before playing, no television or gadgets during mealtime, ask them to say sorry for their mistake etc.) This will inculcate to their mind the importance of following rules by an authority, preparing them for the outside world.

3. Show them unconditional love. A love without condition, show them that they are a precious gift from God, that every step of the way you are there no matter what.
Let them feel they are loved, and in return they will also show that to you.

4. Talk to them if they misbehave, do not criticize or scold them right away. Misbehaving is their way to show you that something is not ok, or I need your attention Mom or Dad. Understand that they are human beings too, maybe they feel stressed, hungry, angry, jealous, bored etc. ask them what is going on, and decide for a solution.

5. Teach them positive attitudes. They will learn this from you. Show them how to be kind, how to treat people, how to sympathize etc. but remember that they will also learn this from other people, so always guide and tell them what is right from what is wrong.

6. Praise them for a job well done. It will increase their self-esteem. You must be sincere also in praising because they will feel that and be honest about your comments. Appreciate their effort and not just the award or achievement they received.

7. Monitor them when using the internet. Guide them regarding what they read and watch, making sure it’s age appropriate and always remind them not to use the screen for a longer period of time because it is not good for the health.

8. Be a flexible parent. Adjust your parenting style if necessary for what is good. This helps your children for a room to grow, to learn and will reduce their stresses and frustrations.

9. Let your kids do things independently. Allow them to choose and to decide on their own, just be watchful if their action is right, and they are not in danger. Let them see the result of their own action. It will make them feel capable and motivated. This will benefit them in the future.

10. Give them time, your time is precious for them. They are very happy when they see you in front of the stage while they are performing. They are happy when they can play, laugh, eat meals and go out with you. Moments like this is a treasure that they can keep in their heart and look back in the future. This will be the one they will recall and not the material things you gave them.

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