Effective ways to better deal with your toddler to avoid stressful moments

We have a toddler child right now and its really challenging how life is going at home! Some says that it’s a roller coaster, it’s hard, it requires a lot of attention and time, but I think it’s more on how you handle, treat and manage your toddler’s activities and change in attitude. He does a lot of plays, curiosities, noises, and witty actions that makes us in the house laugh, happy and to love him even more. He loves to do things on his own like eating, taking out his clothes and tries to wear one, he loves to go outside to walk and run, he loves to see other people, nature and animals outside the house too.

I would like to share with you how we handle our toddler at home and how to avoid stressful moments:

  • Be consistent and establish a daily routine so that your child knows what to expect. If you plan to change your routine, make sure to introduce it one by one.
  • When you have things to do at home make sure to do it when your child isn’t likely to be hungry or tired.
  • Let your child make appropriate choices. Allow your child to choose what he or she wants, but of course make sure that it won’t bring any harm.
  • Avoid saying no to everything, because it lowers their self-esteem. Keep in mind that they are in the stage of self exploration.
  • Praise good behavior in order to help your child grow with the right attitude that every parent would like to see.
  • Avoid situations that are likely to trigger your child’s temper tantrums.
  • Toddlers are normally interested in touching everything, so if there are valuables and fragile things in your home that you don’t want them to handle, hide or remove it from their sight.
  • Most importantly show them love, attention and lots of care.

Something to note: Parenting is not a race, and we all have our unique ways of handling it, that’s why we should never compare ourselves to other parents.

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