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Why we should stick to the process?

Why we should stick to the process?

Everyone deserves great things on this Earth, isn’t it? But, why do we feel like we aren’t that blessed? Sometimes we feel like we are paralyzed and can’t get things done! We want to do something but it’s like we are so slow to get into it. As we move further, some forces drain our energy and capacity to do things. We are excited to achieve something but it feels like our productivity just doesn’t fit in. We want to focus but there are a lot of things that need our attention!

These are some of the questions and words just coming up into our minds when we feel like we are inefficient or ineffective in some areas of our life. But to think that there is a process that we have to go through to come up with all the ideas that will help us to get what we want? Then all will be going to be alright. This process of life serves as the framework that we can use to stand firm and be where we want in life soon.

Reasons to stick to the process of life.
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The greatest thing in this world is not so much where we are, but in what direction we are moving.

O.W Holmes

There might be moments wherein we feel like we are in the wrong place. But, it isn’t the wrong place! It’s the right place to think or assess yourself, where you should go? What you should do and how to use your experiences in life to choose the right way. Forget about the things that will only bring negativities into your life like comparison, impatience, and feeling stuck. Life is worth living if we enjoy every bit of it.

The life process is like riding a bicycle, to get where you want to go, you have to keep moving, you have to focus, you have to keep right and you have to move in the direction where you can reach your destination. One wrong move can make you fall, can give you pain and bruises that can make you feel afraid to do it once more or continue where you are about to go. Likewise, when you take the courage and go along with whatever the circumstances you are perceiving? Then you are giving yourself the chance to make it.

The life process is like baking a recipe that you found on the internet or just read in a recipe book. If you don’t follow the ingredients and directions that are indicated? The result will be different, it might cause you sadness because after all you just wasted the effort you just put in. But, if you followed the ingredients and directions, the result might be good. It can bring us happiness when we make things right and it gives us sorrow and pain when we don’t make things the way they should be.

Don’t be your enemy! Be the person you can love, trust and be proud of.

The following will help you to stick to the process:

  • Love yourself! This can help you face all the challenges that life wants you to deal with before achieving your goal. If you love yourself, you can better understand what you are going through, you learn to be patient and kind in dealing with every hardship that will go along your way.
  • Accept your situation. There are things that we can’t control. And accepting whatever situation we have can help us think about what to do instead of just making things worst.
  • Appreciate what you have. Having gratitude in our hearts can uplift our mood and be able to see the positive things that we don’t see if we indulge in continuously looking for the things that we don’t have.
  • Manifest the life that you want to push through. You have dreams in life that you want to achieve secretly! Why don’t you start now?
  • Assess your life, plan things that are related to your situation, do something for yourself and evaluate if it’s effective.

Whatever outcome life gave you always remember that there are good things above all of these. Good or bad outcomes can give learnings that we can use as we go along the process. We have to accept that there are things that we have to follow, there are things that need our patience and there are things that if done with focus and perseverance will not just bring joy but will increase our appetite for life.

The process of life isn’t that easy, there are things that we can’t make as easy as we want them to be. However, we need to stick to the process because it will be worth it after all.

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