The power to kick out limiting beliefs

What is your superpower? Do you have one? You may ask, what are you talking about I’m a human!

We often overlooked it but yes we all have powers within us. It may not be like the heroes or heroines that we watch on TV, but there are things that we are capable of, and that fill the power within us. Sometimes we feel so powerless, that we can’t get things the way others do them. We can’t do things the way others easily make them. And these make us feel numerous emotions that can lead to the draining of energy, avoiding doing things, and losing patience.

Limiting beliefs

What makes us powerless are the limiting beliefs that keep running into our heads.

That keeps controlling our life, and that makes us miss out on important details that we must know and do in life. We can do more, but we choose to limit ourselves because of our what-ifs.

  • What if I failed?
  • What if others won’t support me?
  • What if others will laugh at me?
  • What if it won’t work?
  • What if it’s not for me?

They are just what-ifs!

Imagine if you transform that what if into words and thoughts that could make you realize that there is something more important to think about instead of those negative ones? Then there is something waiting for you! That something can be a new source of information, experiences, and things to focus on.

  • Thinking of failure is just a waste of time, you better tell yourself that you can do it and whatever the outcome is, you will accept it. Failures are a part of life experiences and what makes this challenging journey of living are those challenges that we courageously faced.
  • There are times wherein we feel that we are being unsupported by the people we are connected with. Whatever the reason behind it, think of it as a challenge to stand on your own. You cannot force others to support you because they have their perception of how to view things. They have their struggles and things to do also in life. Tell yourself that being unsupported won’t ruin you from getting into your goals.
  • Other people might find your views in life, abilities, capabilities, or talents to be funny because of their uniqueness but, be sure not to be affected by them. You are not accountable for what they think or feel either. Your goals, decisions, and abilities aren’t for these people. So why bother at all? Countless people are waiting for it, some dreamers also dream about where you are right now or what you do. Continue the things which you believe can give you some growth, learning, and fulfillment day by day.
  • Things won’t work unless we do it. The reason why we don’t achieve the progress we want is that at the very start we already lose self-esteem. We already accepted our inabilities! When we say that we can’t do it, we don’t do the action. And there’s nothing to be done. But if you say that there are a lot of possibilities but you will do it whatever the outcome is, then you are taking an action.
  • Additionally, our thinking of what if it’s not for me is a negative prediction that most people are being trapped with. Predicting your fate this way can negatively impact your goals. Believing that it’s not for you will cause you not to take the necessary thing to do. What happens is that you continue to wander! And keep crawling in your comfort zone, which makes you unproductive.

Our beliefs in life serve as boundaries not to do unhealthy behaviors that can harm us. On the other hand, limiting beliefs holds us back each time we want to do something in life that could benefit us. Limiting beliefs that are negatively processed destroy our goals and aspirations in life. And it’s hurtful when you grow old that there are things that you should do when you were younger and still capable but chose not to do it.

Our limiting beliefs control our heads, it controls our actions, and it controls our life!

It may appear as an individual’s defense mechanism to protect themselves from possible failures, frustrations, and disappointments that they believed an action can bring to them when they do it. And it’s a bad thing if it came as an excuse or came out of fear.

How to overcome your limiting beliefs?

  • You have to Identify your limiting beliefs
  • Writing it down so that you become aware of it
  • Assess your limiting beliefs
  • Recognize if it’s negative or positive
  • If it’s a negative belief, challenge yourself to make it positive instead
  • Be aware of the damaging consequences of the limiting beliefs you are thinking
  • Make a new belief
  • Use positive self-affirmations
  • Take an action and never give up

Other examples of limiting beliefs that you might encounter:

  • Not being good enough
  • Too young to do things
  • Too old to do things
  • Don’t have ample time
  • Not being talented
  • Not smart enough to do it
  • Don’t have many experiences
  • Don’t have enough resources
  • Not great to do a certain thing

We are liable for our own decisions in life. And our way of thinking can greatly impact our future and fate. Don’t wait for the time because as they say NOW is the right time!

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2 thoughts on “The power to kick out limiting beliefs

  1. Stuart Danker

    Limiting beliefs are my bane, and I think many other people struggle with it. The good part is that like you said, it’s totally possible to challenge them. It’s the constant reminding of the habit that’s hard. Here’s to constantly breaking beliefs that hold us back!

    1. MJMCM, RN

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this post Stuart!
      Have a nice day…

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