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Why do some people that you know, sometimes will not support you?

This post will tackle about some reasons why it seems that strangers are more inclined to support your venture in life apart from those people whom you know personally, such as your family, relatives, or friends?

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Occasionally, it’s easy for us to get hurt or develop sentimental emotion regarding the feelings of being unsupported. But we have to take note that there are also contributing factors as to why this happens.

I recently browsed my social media account and I encountered this woman who posted about her feelings regarding her experiences of being unsupported by some of the people she knows personally.

She stated that for her years of having her business, it seems that strangers were likely the ones supporting her. She added that whenever she posted something regarding her business, no one or just few of her relatives could even bother to support her. They couldn’t even recognize, encourage or show some happiness for her achievements. She added that majority of the appreciation and encouragement that she received came from people who are not related, and she doesn’t meet yet in person.

What’s the reason behind this scenario? Why is it that some people that you know won’t bother to support you?

It might because of the following reasons:

  • They may have their personal issues in life that they need to focus.
  • They are too busy with their stuff.
  • Furthermore, they might be afraid for your failure, or don’t agree with you that much.
  • You don’t consider their opinions.
  • They are trying to protect you from trouble, but it may be that they are trying to protect themselves too.
  • Your personal development might give them lots of intimidation or personal insecurities.

But why do strangers are more inclined to support you?

  • For the reasons that, strangers don’t know you personally.
  • Strangers don’t usually show their real colors to people they don’t know much. That’s why they would present themselves good or nice.
  • People normally nicer to everyone whom they will mingle within a shorter period of time.

But, here are some sad facts or realities that might answer why you are being unsupported:

  • You can never please everybody.
  • Some people are just selfish.
  • Some of the people you know personally, aren’t genuinely happy for your achievements.
  • They would not support you because they don’t mind about your goals in life, and if it won’t benefit them.
  • Some people are insecure, it bothers their mind if they know that what you are doing can improve your life, and not their life.
  • It really bothers them if they can’t do what you are doing, that’s why they take it personally.
  • Some of these people might have unmet goals which makes their mind wanting to drag you down.
  • They want to avoid knowing that you look better in life than they would be.
  • They have dreams that they didn’t push through, it makes them feel miserable. That’s why instead of supporting you, they would even make face, and criticize every work that you do.
  • They will laugh at you when you fail, but will come near you when you succeed.

Whatever the reason behind it, you should be reminded by the following:

  • Don’t expect too much because people have different mindset, and maybe they aren’t the same as yours.
  • Support yourself, no one would do that 💯 percent apart from you.
  • Prove something and be able to make progress.
  • Give gratitude for those who supported you from the very start.
  • Use those other people who criticized or who doesn’t support you as your motivation to strive, to keep going and to do your best.
  • Improve yourself through continuous learning.
  • Be able to keep those people who are true to you and let go of those who will just bring negativities into your life.
  • Be mindful of what you post in social media, remember that not everyone is happy for you!

At the end of the day, it’s just about accepting the flows of life!

Thank you so much for reading! Please share your thoughts regarding this post, and consider answering these in the comment section: Have you experienced this scenario in your life wherein you felt being unsupported? What had you done about it?

5 thoughts on “Why do some people that you know, sometimes will not support you?

    • Author gravatar

      Very beautiful piece and encouraging 👌

    • […] Why do some people that you know, sometimes will not support you? […]

    • Author gravatar

      This is spot on. I had to come to the realization to love and accept the support I receive outside my family and friends. After having my own blog for a year now not one family member has read an article. But I do love every support system I receive outside of them. This is very encouraging. Thank you 💞

      • Author gravatar

        You’re welcome!💖💖💖
        I think we have to accept all those realizations and just go on with what we are doing. Yes, this is also relatable to us, as “content creators”. Thinking what it seems wrong, as of why they might be uninterested in our articles, (for example) could just ruin our self-esteem and lose our interest to produce more…
        That’s why instead of indulging and thinking too much, we better exert that in producing more contents that could reach those people that might be interested 💞

        _Just keep going_

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