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Things you should consider for being too nice!

Things you should consider for being too nice!

Being nice is a pleasant thing that will give you fulfillment and will bring numerous benefits to your body. But the question is do you consider yourself a good person? A good person will do what is right and what is acceptable. But of course, it should always be beyond control. A problem will occur if you do it too much!

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What does it mean by being too nice?

  • People are already manipulating you.
  • You are already being abused for your kindness and generosity.
  • You already have a guilt feeling regarding telling someone that they hurt you, and as a result, you prefer not to react to avoid losing them.
  • Furthermore, you keep worrying about being liked by someone or everyone else.
  • You’re becoming the so-called people pleaser.
  • You are already acting like buying friends or people to come into your life, that’s why you’re giving whatever they wanted.

Signs of a people pleaser:

  • You always agree, and you apologize too much.
  • Always double-check every detail to avoid missing out.
  • You are too affected by someone’s feelings and emotions.
  • You’re becoming overly humble.
  • Imitating actions just to fit with other people.
  • You always agree and say yes, even you’re not amenable.
  • You love to be liked by everyone, even to those you don’t like.
  • Telling white lies just to impress somebody.

Remember that being too nice could bring some self-neglect, you are already neglecting the things that matter in your life because you are busy providing everyone’s needs and wants, that they should do and find a way out themselves.

Note: You’re not responsible for anyone’s feelings and emotions.

Here are bad things that might happen if you’re too nice:

  • Being too nice can also affect you.
  • If you are always giving, some people will be used to it, and they will expect that from you always.
  • You will develop false expectations from other people.
  • Some people will come to you whenever they need something.
  • You will develop a fear of rejection and will have difficulty accepting judgment.
  • Being too nice can lead you to self-crisis. What does this mean? Being present in someone else lives all the time contributes to losing the sense of who you are.

What can you do about it?

  • Do what makes you feel good, build yourself.
  • Give yourself time.
  • Identify your goals and make them happen.
  • Avoid toxic and negative people.
  • Stop overthinking, and overanalyzing every situation.

Thank you so much for reading! Please share your thoughts regarding this post, and consider answering this: Do you have any experience regarding this topic? What have you done about it? Share them in the comment section…

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