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The importance of plants in our lives

This post will tackle about the beneficial effects of plants in a human being.

Are you one of those who have a green thumb? A green thumb means that you have the ability or talent in growing different plants.

Image source: Photo library, provided by Pexels.

Plants are responsible for giving us food, helping us to build shelter, serving as ingredients in making herbal medicines, and the major source of our food, which is needed to fuel up our body!

Plants are really eye catching and heart melting. Just like pets in our houses, plants also have life. They need our attention and love, they are nature’s way of saying that in order for our world to be a better place to stay, we must consider taking good care of them as well! They are considered as blessings, and it really takes a good heart to appreciate these beautiful creations. Both women and men seen involved in planting nowadays! They are often called as “plantitos and plantitas” because of their passion in planting.

Here are the health benefits of plants:

  • Responsible for absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen, which is essential to life.
  • They help to absorb rainwater, preventing floods.
  • Edible plants (fruit bearing and vegetables) are great sources of daily food.
  • Herbal plants are important in making herbal medicines or herbal supplements.
  • Ornamental plants improve and beautify our surroundings.
  • Plants are a great stress reliever, they have a good calming effect.
  • Plants can improve a person’s creativity and productivity.
  • Improves your mood and concentration.
  • Helpful in cleaning the environment, and serves as natural humidifiers of the surrounding.
  • Plants provide extra life to a lonely space or corner in the house!
  • Helps in decreasing anxiety and stress levels.
  • A good form of relaxation, to divert you from negative thoughts.
  • Adds positivity to the environment.

Whatever your reasons for planting, be it a hobby, way of communicating to nature, be it to go with the trend, for business or something to make an income, all of these deserves an appreciation. You are a good example to people who don’t appreciate the importance of nature! Continue to be an inspiration to other people, to be more loving and caring of what our creator gave us.

Thank you for reading this post! If you have any comments or something to share regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to leave it in the comment section…

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