The impact of plants during pandemic and the creation of the tagnames “plantitos and plantitas”

Are you a plant fanatic? Are you one of those who loved to post your plants in social media sites? What can you see in a plant? What made you decide to do planting? Can you see hope or blessing? We can see a lot of posts regarding images of plants in social feeds lately, a lot of people became interested in planting, be it an ornamental plants, cactuses, edible plants (vegetables or fruit bearing plants) and etc. It’s a very beneficial way on how people keep themselves busy during the pandemic. I really appreciate this, because plants are really eye catching and heart melting. Just like pets in our houses, plants also have life, they also need our attention and love, they are nature’s way of saying that in order for our world to be in a good condition, we must consider to take good care of them. They are considered as blessings and it really takes a good heart to appreciate this beautiful creations. Both women and men are seen involved in planting today. They often called by a millennial term as “plantitos and plantitas” because of their passion in planting. A very nice and cute tagnames isn’t it?

Plants plays a vital role in our lives.

  • They absorb carbon dioxide and releases oxygen which is essential to humans and animals.
  • For edible plants (fruit bearing and vegetables) are a great sources of daily food.
  • Herbal plants are important in making herbal medicines or herbal supplements.
  • They improve and beautify our surroundings (for ornamental/flowering plants).
  • They are a great stress reliever.
  • They can provide a calming environment.
  • They improve a person’s creativity and productivity.

Whatever your reasons in planting, be it a hobby, way of communicating to nature, be it to go with the trend, for business or something to make an income, all of these deserves an appreciation. You are a good example to people who doesn’t appreciate the importance of plants and planting. Continue to be an inspiration to other people, to be more loving and caring of what our creator gave us.

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