Are overripe bananas good for banana quickbread?

Some of us love to eat different banana quickbread recipes and some prefer the moist one, but how to make moist banana quickbread? Does the banana we use in the recipe really matters? I already made a lot of banana quickbread recipes depending on the texture I prefer. This chocolate banana quickbread is a carbohydrate-richContinue reading “Are overripe bananas good for banana quickbread?”

Honey glazed cake leftover pudding

Sometimes because of too many foods during a party we often have a lot of leftover foods that are candidates for food wasting and one of them are cakes but you don’t need to throw that leftover cake right away! Make this honey glazed cake leftover pudding instead. It has the right sweetness and softnessContinue reading “Honey glazed cake leftover pudding”

Why you should avoid the habit of skipping your breakfast?

Do you eat breakfast in the morning to start your day? If your answer is no, then you must change that way of life! If your answer is yes, well congratulations your doing the right thing! Last night, husband and I had a conversation about this, we discussed about the importance of eating breakfast, theContinue reading “Why you should avoid the habit of skipping your breakfast?”

Dragon fruit chocolate glazed cake

This chocolate glazed cake offers a healthier option, the taste of the dragon fruit balances the sweetness of this cake, the crunchiness and refreshing bites of this fruit and cake gives a peculiar taste. This cake recipe is rich in carbohydrates and it’s an energy boosting food. Dragon fruit offers a lot of health benefitsContinue reading “Dragon fruit chocolate glazed cake”

Squash bread stuffed with yema coconut filling

It’s a good idea to add some vegetables on our baked goods, it will not only make the bread delicious but will make it a healthier option to eat during your snack time. This recipe is rich in essential health nutrients that our body needs. According to our health food source some of the importantContinue reading “Squash bread stuffed with yema coconut filling”

How to make a yema coconut bread filling

This yema coconut filling has a sweet and milky taste compatible with any bread recipes. You just have to be patient while cooking this because it requires you to keep stirring the mixture in order for it not to get burn and to achieve a good result. It was cooked to a medium heat thenContinue reading “How to make a yema coconut bread filling”

Every pet deserves a family

Do you have a pet at home? Do we need to treat them as one of our family members too? It’s the month of november last year, when we moved to our present home. It’s not that easy to move out because there are people you will left behind just like those good hearted andContinue reading “Every pet deserves a family”

Delightful sticky rice and sweet potatoes

This recipe is very easy to make and it’s a good choice to prepare during snack time! It was made using sticky rice that is usually used for preparing or making certain types of delicacies. Glutinous rice are popular in Asia and already a part of culture and tradition. It is often seen during specialContinue reading “Delightful sticky rice and sweet potatoes”

Simple cream cake slices

Do you love to eat a slice of cake once in a while? Then try this cream cake slices! They are made using cake flour which makes the baked product light, fluffy and with a tender crumb. Yesterday, I baked one like this but it turned out like I didn’t get the desired result becauseContinue reading “Simple cream cake slices”

Sweet style chicken adobo

What is your favorite recipe during mealtime? Do you love to eat adobo recipes? Chicken meat are very suitable in making adobo recipe because they are very lean, has little amount of fats and contains lots of protein, they are also rich in phosphorus and calcium that keeps your bones healthy and strong, it alsoContinue reading “Sweet style chicken adobo”

How to achieve a happily ever after in your married life

Are you happy or struggling in your married life status right now? Read this INFINITE love advices that can help you achieve a good marriage definition. A marriage is said to be as the union between a man and a woman, it’s the beginning of creating a family on their own and it’s a lifelongContinue reading “How to achieve a happily ever after in your married life”

Stuffed bread with mung bean filling

Do you love to eat stuffed bread? This bread recipe is a must try because it is loaded with nutrients that our body needs, the sweetness and the unique flavor of it makes it a good choice to eat with the whole family during snack time! This recipe is a great source of carbohydrates andContinue reading “Stuffed bread with mung bean filling”