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Essential life lessons that you can learn from children

Children look to adults as their educators, role models, and sometimes someone they want when they grow up. But often we don’t consider that there are things that they can also teach us! Below are the essential life lessons that you can learn from children: Feel your emotions and be true to them. Children show their emotions about a certain […]

Important roles of women in the family, community, and society

Every year, we celebrate women’s month, and it is being celebrated every March. This is an important event for every woman like me because it raises or uplifts our worth in this world. This celebration highlights women’s achievements and contributions to the family, community, and society. It empowers women and recognizes them as essential contributors to the world that we […]

Funnside Ningnangan in Kawit, Cavite

Are you one of those people who love to eat outside and try out new recipes from your usual meals? And looking for a place to eat freshly cooked recipes? Well, you have to try funnside Ningnangan! It is located along the main road in Kawit Cavite Philippines. Things that you would also like here would be the spacious area, […]

Why you should collect moments, not things?

Things are crucial for human survival, but only the most important ones. Focusing on collecting things that are already in excess could interfere with our focus to see what is important in life. You have a lot of things, for now, got collected numerous products or items which satisfy yourself. You flexed it in your social media accounts and got […]